Hey All, I just about have my first printer together and I am hoping

Hey All,

I just about have my first printer together and I am hoping that someone with experience on the ramps board can confirm my wiring.
Please let me know if this looks correct!

Thank you!

looks right.
I recommend wiring the ground of your heaters (D8 and D10) directly to ground though. It will run less current through the board and your fuses will last longer.

Looks correct, depending on setup i have reversed the stepper connections on X and E0 - I agree with Conner, please solder those wires directly to the board as far as the power feeders go and the power to the bed and heater core. the connectors are the weak link. This looks like Folgertech 2020 …

Okay cool, thanks Kevin and Wes! I will do that. Wes, it is. I would love to eventually build a eustathios but for now, this is all my budget would allow… Plus, I figure its a good starting point.

It is. we Idle on http://irc.freenode.net in reprap and #folgertech . I’ve done many upgrades to the folgertech and it’s pretty solid now with lead screws and auto-leveling (servo/endstop). hope to see you there.

cool, thanks for sharing that. I’ll check it out.

If I may add, the wires for the bed looks a bit thin… are those 18AWG ? what king of bed do you have ?

Also, you could use D9 to add a fan to cool the prints… installing it on D9 would PWM so you can control the speed.

I also would remove those connector… especially the green one for the BED… had one of my RAMPS connector melt because they’re so cheap and can’t support 10-15A current .