Hey all I have the Synthetos GRBL Shield and im trying to use it

Hey all I have the Synthetos GRBL Shield and im trying to use it with ChiliPepper currently. I got my Json server going and what not but im just not sure where to go from here to get it going. Any help at all would be more than appreciated!!

You are running the grbl shield on an arduino uno? Is there anything between the arduino and the computer connection?

Maybe that’s just how it looks on a Mac. Hit the “Ctrl X” button in the GRBL widget and let me know if the blue buffer that reads “3635” changes.

Yes it changed to 1.

And Im just running the Gshield with an Arduino.

And yes I am running it on a Mac

It also changed the SPJS Queue to 1

Ok, why don’t you open up the axes widget and try moving your machine around?

Gave that a try and nothing. Also that SPJS Queue changed to 0 and blue buffer changed to 2

Yup, something seems to be holding up the buffer.

Have you configured grbl yet?

Type $$ into serial port console to start.

Are you sure that try.usbmodem1411 is correct port for your Arduino? 
$$ shows no output and machine state is offline, seems you are not connected.

I just tested on MacBook, I am connected to try.usbmodem1421 and all works OK.

What is the grbl version flashed into the Uno? Can you connect from another machine and use a terminal program (putty) to connect to Uno?

If all goes well you should see some lines starting with: Grbl 0.9j [$ for help] (version might be different depending on your build).