Hey all, I have received my replacement Gen6 board from 3DStuffmaker so I have

Hey all, I have received my replacement Gen6 board from 3DStuffmaker so I have my printer running in all 3 axis again.

But my Y axis is drifting, a 20mm test cube is giving me 20mm on all sides but the Y is all over the place.

Randomly when it changes from X to Y direction there is a loud clunk noise, I thought maybe missing steps but there’s no visual evidence watching the motor of it.

Here’s a bit of video showing it.

Any tips?

If you watch the video you can see that the stepper moves smoothly when the bed moves forward to back(left to right in the vid), but when it’s moving back to forward(right to left) there is a ‘jerk’ where it moves backwards shortly, then forwards. Do you have an anti-backlash setting enabled or something?

@Jon_Caywood The clunk/jerk does happen in both Y directions, it’s somewhat random so the above vid only shows it happening in 1 direction.

Backlash settings are 0 on all axis, using (well setting up) the Repetier FW

And here’s an image of the finished ‘Cube’ though all the dimensions are almost spot on at 20mm


Can you post the gcode on pastebin or similar?

Also what was the problem you were having with the original board, if I may ask?

I should be able to pop up the GCode, I’ll see what i can do there.

The Gen6 board was replaced as the X-Stepper Driver IC died. I had it printing quite well just before that too.

There you go the GCode used http://pastebin.com/gJhv7BhL

Hmm that looks okay to me, I see you have your non-extrusion transit speed at 200mm/s, have you double checked the acceleration parameters (for the Y or overall) or tried reducing the transit speed to see if that improves things?

@Jon_Caywood I got if figured last night, you’re close in your guess. Non-print speed is OK but the acceleration was the issue, it was at 2000 mm/s2 way beyond what this pos 3DStuffmaker (such a bad choice buying this) can handle, wound back to 750 and playing nice for me.
The clunk was occurring when it was changing between perimeters during prints or from perimeters to infill.

Still have more calibrating to do but almost there.

Glad you got it figured out! You should be able to improve the performance of the acceleration settings by increasing the motor current on the Y which will increase it’s holding strength as well. It may be accelerating but not have enough holding current to brake the inertia of the carriage. Just stay below the motor’s peak rating and make sure the drivers don’t get excessively hot and you should be OK.