Hey All, I am trying to upload new firmware to my RAMBO board and I am

Hey All,

I am trying to upload new firmware to my RAMBO board and I am getting this error message…I changed the COM port and the board type already; but, I must be missing something. Any ideas?

What’s the bauð rate? What’s the default baud rate for your board? Have you configured that?

Type of board?

are you powering the logic of the board? remember Rambo does not work from just USB power.

Am not familiar with RAMBO per see but found this:
USB Driver

Windows requires a driver to communicate with RAMBo. Download this file File:RAMBo USBdriver.zip and unzip it into a known location on your computer. In windows 7, plug in your RAMBo board, and let windows fail to find the driver. Then, go to the start menu, right click on computer and click properties. On the left, click on Device Manager. Scroll down to Unknown Devices, and right click on RAMBo. Choose Update driver. CLick on “Browse my computer for driver software”, then click on “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”, then click the button for “Have Disk” and then click browse and point it to the file you downloaded above.
Linux and Mac use the built in CDC driver. RAMBo should show as a option in your 3D printer control interface (/dev/ttyACM0 , etc.).


Make sure you provide power to “Motors&Logic” input and try again

Thanks for your input! I checked the baud rate and it looked good, its also getting good power…im thinking that the com port is not being recognized- gonna reload the driver and see if that does anything…any other ideas?

What is your OS version? If windows 8.1 are you aware of how to install non signed drivers?

Its windows 7, 32 bit. …its strange: if you look at the drivers in the preferences it shows COM5 and thats what I have it set on

but it doesn’t seem to be recognizing it in arduino

Did you manage to upload a firmware on it before? Does it still connect using pronterface on COM5?

Hey Miguel, This was one that we bought pre-built so I didn’t have to put the initial firmware, but it was running well… We are now upgrading to dual extruders and I have assembled all of the mechanical side to do it so now having to update the firmware for the dual extruder support.

My point is that if the port is working and you cannot upload a new sketch then the bootloader might not be working.