Hey all, Does anyone have a simplify profile for an E3d Volcano extruder?

Hey all,

Does anyone have a simplify profile for an E3d Volcano extruder? Been working with it on and off for about a week with limited success

I don’t know what to make of this request. It doesn’t work that radically differently from any other hot end. Start with 1mm retraction. Retraction speed depends on your filament drive mechanism and motor. Make sure you have the correct nozzle oriface set.

I don’t have a profile off hand, but I do have a blog post talking about how I got good results out of mine:

The first issue is that the top layer doesn’t fill out very well (small gaps around the outline.) I’m not sure what to make of this because the base layer behaves just fine.

The second big problem is that when the print rounds a corner (as in on a cube) the filament on the edge starts rising upwards, so all four edges of the cube look as if they are peeling upwards.

P.S. thanks all for getting back to me!

Using PLA? If you are, you need a huge amount of filament cooling. Volcano nozzles extrude much larger volumes of material, even at much lower speeds, which in turn has a greater amount of residual heat present. PLA ‘wicks up’ when hot. I had to mount some massive cooling fans on mine to get it to behave (dual 24cfm at one point. Most normal fans are 5 cfm), had ran into the same issue.

base layer can be misleading since that can be thrown off by incorrect Z height setting.

Double check that your extrusion is tuned. Remove the hot end and make sure the extruder pushes 100mm of filament on a 100mm extrusion command, and adjust steps per mm to correct. And you want a 1.00 extrusion factor, S3D likes to use 0.9 sometimes, which can cause an underfill on top.