Hey all, been a while.

Hey all, been a while. Been busy busy with learning 3d printing and like the k40 I couldn’t resist the need to modify stock firmware lol. Then summer hit, night new outside toy as seen below :grin:.

Was reading through posts seeing what all I’ve missed. What firmware is everyone using these days for k40? I never made the plunge to smoothieware, correction I thought I did but find I bought the wrong thing, mks 1.2 board. So I never installed it and haven’t ran laser since. Still running Arduino+ramps 1.4 as of now. If printing I would still be using inkscape, gimp, or something found way back in mpcnc for images, great software. What about laserweb? I installed it way back when but never got the privilege to run it or sort it out. In the end I don’t want to lose all that I currently know by not staying with the up in up.

Basically I went off in so many directions that I got lost in the world of tech, code, Arduino, rpi, Kodi, electronic components, scrap gold, transformer projects, designing and even got really really into graphene oxide synthises/uses countless. Currently I’m in the process of putting together a home brew large CNC and messing with renewable energy projects. Also still heavily involved with RC stuff flying things and driving things.

Added pics of what all I got accomplished with laser, then what I accomplished after getting 3dprinter flashed over with images of very first prints using reptier host and cura. I’ll continue reading through past posts catching up. Thanks for reading :grinning: