Hey Alex Lee should I be alarmed that the power wires coming into the

Hey @Alex_Lee should I be alarmed that the power wires coming into the board from the power supplies are getting extremely hot during printing. I’m afraid the mosfets will blow and I could have a problem on my hand.

Never seen this problem on any of smoothieboards so figured I would ask

@Amit_Patel That’s a big issue with the larger printers. I had too many FETs burn/melt on me. I always try to use SSRs to drive the heated bed, that seems to solve a lot of the issues with heating, and you can possibly go larger on the heated bed.

I vote that we develop a product called Eric’s wisdom. It comes in syringe form. I’d like about 2mL of it applied here.

I am a proponent of SSR also. But to keep the same bed I think @raykholo ​ has an external mosfet board that might do the trick too. That way you don’t need a new bed and keeps the load off the board.

You running on 12V or 24V? I like 24V to keep the current lower.

@Alex_Lee @Eclsnowman @raykholo @Michael_Johnson thank you all for ur suggestions using a ssr was the key. I ended up using a different one I had laying around and it’s worked perfectly. It’s not mounted in the best location but will work for now.