Hey 3D printing community! I just launched a kickstarter for a new, open-source,

Hey 3D printing community! I just launched a kickstarter for a new, open-source, logic puzzle I invented. It’s called the X-Cube, and I made it using 3D printing. You can get a mass produced cube, or even print one of your own!

The X-Cube is completely open source! I’ll be sending backers of the Kickstarter a link to download the files, so you can print one of your own! I am really looking forward to seeing the kinds of modifications people can make.

Hmm it is not open source if it requires backing up… Fail on gpl.

Backers are simply the first to get the files. You can pledge $1 for them if you want. The intention is that the files will freely spread from there.

Of course, it’s just a reflection. Nice cube btw.

before taking folks money talk to a patent lawyer first… just a thought.

I agree, protect yourself from someone stealing your idea and making a mint.

Very cool product, I will be supporting and printing one at home.

Will do, gentlemen. Thanks, Chuck! Send me a photo and let me know how it goes!

actually, i was suggesting you talk/look into “patents” that exist for the rubks cube, and
since they would have a pretty good case to end up with all that money you raise…or end up paying to your lawyers…:slight_smile:

Larry: I’m glad you showed me this. I knew Seven Towers had a notoriously strong copyright portfolio for Rubik’s, but I had not seen much of it. The Rubik’s cube however does not actually have a USA patent, and the X-Cube qualifies for design patents of its own. I’ll make sure it doesn’t infringe on their portfolio.

copyrights and trademarks exist too. … rememeber - you dont need to have a case… just afford to bring and maintain one, so be carfeul with other peoles money…and promises