Hey 3D Printers out there! We at Maker's Tool Works just launched our store;

Hey 3D Printers out there! We at Maker’s Tool Works just launched our store; right now we’ve got a limited product selection, but more products are coming throughout this entire week. Check it out!

Mh - dunno, how do you folks see “Marketing” in our group?

@Whosa_whatsis / @Josef_Prusa / @ThantiK ?

Hope we’ve not caused a problem – we’re just excited that our work is now public. If this is an issue, feel free to take it down. We’d love to hear from one of the community moderators to have clarification on what’s “ok” and what’s “not” so as not to raise concern again.

This is one of those times where it’s useful. It’s really hard to find a shop that carries all the stuff you need. Carry on. :slight_smile:

No problem - exactly why i was asking the group if that is ok. In my opinion it is, but i removed two spam posts earlier, so this is a good opportunity to create a code of conduct

I’ve been removing at least half a dozen spam posts a day, many of them invitations to other unrelated G+ communities. I saw this one and was thinking it was probably alright, but hoping for someone else to weigh in. I think one-time notifications of new suppliers specifically for 3d-printing-related items is ok, but repeated marketing attempts should be considered spam (evaluated on a case-by-case basis). Those who have been made moderators are all knowledgable enough to distinguish between spam and legitimate announcements that will be of interest to the community.

In for that - i still think we should add a general Code of Conduct like this one http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct

I agree with @Whosa_whatsis one-time announcements are information rather than spam. Maybe create a Category for such things, then the C+rs can filter as they choose.

As someone who could be tempted by a cheap ready-to-assemble kit, I think a bit of advertising here is OK, on a one-off, or new-announcement basis. But not repeated ads from the same company. Oh, and not vapourware please.