Here's what my herculien has been up to these past few weeks.

Here’s what my herculien has been up to these past few weeks.

Wow, your prints are looking great. I need to find time to get a hobby like this that isn’t just building more printers.

Totally agree! I want a drone so bad but spend all my time making more machines!

Did you model these? They look great.

Yes I made every piece in solidworks

The big one is 800mm motor to motor diagonally. It is going to carry a couple gopros and lots of batteries to do aerial photos. The smaller one is just a project I started one night when I was feeling inspired.

The small one looks like the main section is one peice. Good use of the big build area.

Looks really nice!
What material are you printing with?
How well does 3d printed drone parts do compared to things you can buy?
I suppose it probably requires more mass for the same strength/stiffness?

@Daniel_Salinas To say those were awesome would be understated, would love a quad myself, I’m in a great location for flying them too but as others have mentioned I find myself so busy with the printers themselves. Do you print the propellors too or buy those in?

I have a couple if things up my sleeve also. Great prints! You inspire me to keep going.

@Daniel_Salinas for a guy who didn’t know solidworks before you are doing great. Holy cow. Sorry we never got that hangout going to show you some tricks… But it looks like you don’t need my help :wink:

@Carl_Hicks ​ yep it started as a 310x310mm square.

@Oystein_Krog ​ I print almost exclusively in ABS. I’ve found that you definitely have to go for thickness with strategic cutouts to keep rigidity high and weight low.

@Mutley3D ​ I don’t print props yet. But I haven’t given up on the idea.

@Eclsnowman ​ its been a ton of work but a whole lot of fun.

@Daniel_Salinas you willing to share the model and component selection? I really want to get into this, but I am not up to speed on what to buy.

Totally. Once I get the last components in and I test. Then I’ll put everything on youmagine. In the interim I’m happy to chat about it.

Looking forward to this as well, want a drone so bad.

I’m building a hovership right now. Already found about 12 things I want to change on the frame so I’ll probably start modeling something in a few weeks.

I wanna hear how your big one flys

@Joe_Spanier ​ it will likely need bigger motors and 15 inch props. It should have plenty of lift with the current props but once I load it down with a bunch of battery packs and a camera / gimbal it will likely need more power.

I so want to build one of these as well, but first need to finish my printer and then get up to speed with everything.

This looks really interesting (challenging), too