Here's what i think about the very affordable Aluhotend! Plus,

(Thomas Sanladerer) #1

Here’s what i think about the very affordable Aluhotend! Plus, there’s a chance for you to win one at

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(ThantiK) #2

Those look like the exact same nozzle that QU-BD supplies us.

(Thomas Sanladerer) #3

@Chuck_A thanks for reminding me, i knew i had forgotten something there. Will have it on Youmagine in a second!

(Thomas Sanladerer) #4

@Chuck_A here it is:

(Thomas Sanladerer) #5

The hotend was of course PID tuned and had a very stable temperature throughout the print. Feed rates were at a very normal 60 to 70mm/s, and both hotends have an 0.4mm nozzle.
If I started tuning extrusion widths and multipliers, I’d start influencing all kind of other parameters about the result as well, like layer adhesion, and I wanted the result to be (at least mechanically) as comparable as possible.

(Normand Chamberland) #6

@ThantiK I would think it’s the other way around. The Aluhotend is made by a respected member of the RepRap community who also happens to be a forum admin.

My money is on QU-BD copying his design, not the reverse.

(ThantiK) #7

@Normand_Chamberland , QU-BD has been producing these nozzles since the MK7 or so. It’s a pretty common MakerBot nozzle. The history on the AluHotEnd only goes back to late 2013. So I think you are likely wrong in this case. The second, less sharp nozzle in the picture is a MG nozzle.

(Normand Chamberland) #8

The wiki page history only goes back to late 2013… But you’ve been around the RepRap movement much longer than I (and I only in a lurker capacity) so I’ll defer to your arguments. I’ll admit I may be biased against QU-BD considering their bad rep.

(ThantiK) #9

Oh believe me. Fuck QU-BD. I’m doing what I can do move us away from their trash. Why in fuck we’re using MakerBot clone extruders is BEYOND ME.

(Brandon Satterfield) #10

Man that’s an ugly hotend… :wink:

(Electra Flarefire) #11

I’ve got one of these on order… That I can change over from direct-drive to bowden without replacing my hot-end and the price was the two selling points. The JHead is going into the ‘backups’ box.