Here's the first RC related project I am working on.

Here’s the first RC related project I am working on. A set of 1/8th scale functional Mattracks for Tamiya TLT axles. It’s only my first attempt at drawing 3d in Alibre, finding it pretty easy to use. Just printing out version 2 with all the issues I found in this version hopefully fixed.

Hey, that’s really cool!!!

Keep it up. I think we need more RC 3d prints.

Can’t wait to see how that turns out!

Well I know they work as I have made simpler aluminum ones before. I am curious to see if plastic will hold up.

There will be plenty more coming soon, mainly scale 4x4 and track vehicle related detail parts.

Awesome adding you craig. Might like to try something like this on my rc10gt.

Sweet! What track is that?

Tiger tracks from a heng long tank. You can buy the track separately. I picked mine up online at matotoys