Here's the final-ish version of the clamped V4 carriage.

(Erik Scott) #1

Here’s the final-ish version of the clamped V4 carriage. Heatsink is super rigid now, and the screws pulled everything right together; no filing, sanding, or chiseling required.

It is mostly backwards compatible with Eric Lien’s cooling duct, but I couldn’t quite match the angle when I re-created everything. So, I CADed up a new one and I have that going on the printer now. What you see in the photos is an old one I printed a few weeks ago. As you can see, it fits, but it’s not perfect.

Thoughts? Opinions? Requests?

(Godwin Bangera) #2

very nice

(Frank “Helmi” Helmschrott) #3

very nice design. Will you release it? including sources?

(Erik Scott) #4

It’s public on Onshape, so you can check it out there.

(Frank “Helmi” Helmschrott) #5

ahh great. do you have a link to that document there? I can’t seem to find a way to discover it otherwise.

(Erik Scott) #6

You can go to public documents and search Eustathios. You can also try this link:

(Frank “Helmi” Helmschrott) #7

Looks like this is for logged in users only while registration isn’t free or open, right?

(Frank “Helmi” Helmschrott) #8

never mind - they say you can only request an invite but they instantly send you one then. got it managed to get to this workspace.