Here's another scrollsaw pattern of Mr. David Bowie.

Here’s another scrollsaw pattern of Mr. David Bowie. I did this one in 1/4" mdf as a test. Used Vcarve with a 1/16th inch bit feed was 40

Awesome! Could you share the file for this?

@Nick_Charlton It was a free jpeg I traced in vcarve, I cannot seem to post it in this thread

ah Okay, no worries! I’ll trace one myself :slight_smile:

@james_shelton Actually I don’t seem to be able to trace it very well, could you email it to me at thanks in advance!

Much appreciated!

What type of software do you have

my main CAM tools are Aspire and CamBam, Then I use HSM in Inventor for anything that needs very specific tool control.

@Nick_Charlton Sent you another email

Perfect! thank you :slight_smile:

Very cool… How did you generate the artwork/gcode? I use Vcarve but I’m challenged to get a line drawing simple enough for a reasonable portrait. This one is nice!

@Colleen_McGuire I imported the jpeg into Vcarve used the trace function, deleted the jpeg then went to the tool paths selected my 1/16 th bit. And went from there

@james_shelton thanks. I think I’ve selected images with too much detail. :confused:

@Colleen_McGuire What are you using as software

@james_shelton Vcarve desktop version

I find Vcarve raster to vector conversion quite good. Cleaning up the image first in Photoshop is key to making it easy. Posterize filter can reduce unwanted visual noise.