Here's another scrollsaw pattern of Mr. David Bowie.

(james shelton) #1

Here’s another scrollsaw pattern of Mr. David Bowie. I did this one in 1/4" mdf as a test. Used Vcarve with a 1/16th inch bit feed was 40

(Nick Charlton) #2

Awesome! Could you share the file for this?

(james shelton) #3

@Nick_Charlton It was a free jpeg I traced in vcarve, I cannot seem to post it in this thread

(Nick Charlton) #4

ah Okay, no worries! I’ll trace one myself :slight_smile:

(Nick Charlton) #5

@james_shelton Actually I don’t seem to be able to trace it very well, could you email it to me at thanks in advance!

(Nick Charlton) #6

Much appreciated!

(james shelton) #7

What type of software do you have

(Nick Charlton) #8

my main CAM tools are Aspire and CamBam, Then I use HSM in Inventor for anything that needs very specific tool control.

(james shelton) #9

@Nick_Charlton Sent you another email

(Nick Charlton) #10

Perfect! thank you :slight_smile:

(Colleen McGuire) #11

Very cool… How did you generate the artwork/gcode? I use Vcarve but I’m challenged to get a line drawing simple enough for a reasonable portrait. This one is nice!

(james shelton) #12

@Colleen_McGuire I imported the jpeg into Vcarve used the trace function, deleted the jpeg then went to the tool paths selected my 1/16 th bit. And went from there

(Colleen McGuire) #13

@james_shelton thanks. I think I’ve selected images with too much detail. :confused:

(james shelton) #14

@Colleen_McGuire What are you using as software

(Colleen McGuire) #15

@james_shelton Vcarve desktop version

(Jim In Ashland) #16

I find Vcarve raster to vector conversion quite good. Cleaning up the image first in Photoshop is key to making it easy. Posterize filter can reduce unwanted visual noise.