Here's a printed version of the spectra model xy end.

Here’s a printed version of the spectra model xy end. And some renders of the belt version.


Love it. Just tell me when to print.

@Tim_Rastall what tensioning method

@D_Rob the method @Jason_Smith and I came up with. See the separation? the belt pulls it apart. I can take a pic tomorrow to illustrate it more clearly.

@D_Rob the tensioner on the belt version uses the 2 screws oriented parallel to the shaft to pull the floating clamp towards the fixed one. Designed to use 40mm m3 screws and has about 10mm of movement.
Spectra one just uses the standard Tantillus spectra tightening method, just has much more surface area to clamp the line.

@Tim_Rastall will the floating clamp cause problems with the play that it could probably have? Why not do the floating clamp on spectra? have an anchor tied on the ends and tighten the bolts also this would allow for the tensioner to be separate using elongated slots for m3 bolts to attach to the xy end. this would allow for easy fine tuning

@D_Rob basically because I want to move to xy end independent of the spectra once tensioned. Fixing one of both ends will prevent that.

I wonder if it would help if you added a rail design between the main part and the floating part so the screws only have to worry about axial force?

Oh, and on the belt version, I’m working on a guide slot for the floating clamp but the 2 screws should keep it steady as they are centred above and below the middle of the belt.

@Nazar_Cem Hah. Just read your comment. Yes, that’s what I’m doing tonight :slight_smile:

What became of this? The design seemed like a big improvement with a lot of shared ideas coming together but then never appeared. Is this part of the forthcoming set of files to be released or did this approach not pan out?

@John_Lewin the design is complete but I’ve not tested it yet. The files are up on google drive in IGES format.

@Tim_Rastall Thanks for the update and it’s exciting to finally have one printed to review. Does the additional vertical riser (not present in these images) add support for the Spectra scenario as well?

@John_Lewin Yep, that’s the intent. An additional clamping plate would be required to secure the spectra. I’d intended to use a piece of aluminium.