Here's a pile of FastLED 2.1 demo's I've gathered (some I even wrote) at 

Here’s a pile of FastLED 2.1 demo’s I’ve gathered (some I even wrote) at

Good work! I’m sure this will be a great resource for new FastLED fanatics.

Thanks Andrew. Having a variety of examples is always helpful.

I’ve updated this with some new demos as well as uploaded a framework for providing IR, keyboard, button and MEMS microphone input.

Andrew - Just getting started here with FastLED…but I keep getting similar compiler errors such as this (sorry I"m a bit of a noob here)…what am I missing?

waves_01.ino: In function ‘void setup()’:
waves_01:72: error: request for member ‘setCorrection’ in ‘((CFastLED*)FastLED)->CFastLED::addLeds [with EClocklessChipsets CHIPSET = WS2811, unsigned char DATA_PIN = 13u, EOrder RGB_ORDER = GRB](((const CRGB*)((CRGB*)(& leds))), 24, 0)’, which is of non-class type ‘CLEDController*’
waves_01:72: error: ‘TypicalLEDStrip’ was not declared in this scope
waves_01:73: error: ‘set_max_power_in_volts_and_milliamps’ was not declared in this scope
waves_01.ino: In function ‘void loop()’:
waves_01:84: error: ‘show_at_max_brightness_for_power’ was not declared in this scope
waves_01:85: error: ‘delay_at_max_brightness_for_power’ was not declared in this scope
waves_01.ino: In function ‘void sinmove8()’:
waves_01:126: error: ‘cubicwave8’ was not declared in this scope

@Andrew_Banas I think you need the 2.1 version of the library:

Hi Andrew. You would need to upload your code (i.e. to so we could see what you’ve got. I recommend starting out with the examples in the FastLED 2.1 library before continuing on. Also, FastLED 2.1 is not the main branch, but is available at Make sure you’re using that.

Thanks I’ll double check I’m using 2.1 (thought I was). I’m able to get the basic examples to work…I’ll check and get back u. Appreciate the quick response!!!

Thanks guys! As mentioned I was not running 2.1 on this laptop (although I have it on another I was using over the weekend). …Multiple laptops…multiple library versions… First World Problems! Thanks again!

Not only that, but 2.1 changes (for the better) on a weekly basis. Oh, and I’m working on a major update to those demos. It revolves around making them more ‘loop’ and timed demo friendly.

Just wanted to say thank you. I just bought my first WS2811 string and these examples helped me get them up an running some nice patterns in a matter of minutes.

Thank you for this!

Suprisingly enough, I just made a little mod to the demos tonight. In the meantime, they now use FastLED 3.1.