Here's a little something I was curious to try out,

(Reko Meriö) #1

Here’s a little something I was curious to try out, can you visualize bubblesort with leds, and the answer is yes! :smiley:

(Andrew Tuline) #2

Great idea. Now to try with a pile of other sorts. :smiley:

(Tommy Sciano) #3

@Andrew_Tuline MORE SORTS

(James Smirniotopoulos) #4

This is GREAT - what a nice way to teach the algorithm!

(James Smirniotopoulos) #5

Is your code posted anywhere?

(Reko Meriö) #6

@James_Smirniotopoulo Thanks, I did not save the code as it was pretty quick to make and I had no other use for it. The whole code (Except the part where led strip is defined) is displayed in the beginning of the video if you want to try copying it from there.
And advice for you, if you’ll try it out, don’t update whole led array as I did but instead just write :

leds[i] = CHSV(color[i],255,255);
leds[i+1] = CHSV(color[i+1],255,255);

add these after the swap and it should make the whole thing run a bit faster.