Here's a few of the items cut out or engraved on my K40-S("Kyle") 40W

Here’s a few of the items cut out or engraved on my K40-S(“Kyle”) 40W using smoothieboard 4xC and LaserWeb4. Loving the new interface, the flexibility in CAD to adjust and move objects makes setup a breeze as does saving/loading the workspace.

C’mon guys we need more shots of projects using LW4. It was asked for so I posted, it’s only a couple quick pics! Show us how LW4 works for you!

Looking good. Some nice results on the rasters. I’ve yet to make anything with LW4 solely (as I only got around to installing it yesterday & have yet again got to fix up alignment issues since I didn’t tighten the mirror nuts when I had it aligned perfectly). Will definitely post more stuff as I get to it.

yea im due to check my alignment again as it will always shift slightly. and thanks!