Here's a clip of the sound-activated fire,

(Robert Atkins) #1

Here’s a clip of the sound-activated fire, with the teensy’s pin 13 LED indicating where it’s clipping my power output to 20W.


(Mark Kriegsman) #2

Beautiful! That’s exactly what it’s supposed to do, and exactly what it’s supposed to be used for!

Makes battery/power management so much simpler now… just dial-in the wattage or amperage you want to limit to, and bam, done. (Finally.)

Future idea #1: have a ‘soft’ power limit and a ‘hard’ power limit, and allow the animation to go past the soft limit for a short time. Sort of a slow-blow fuse, if you will. So you could say “My power source can deliver 2A continuous, but 3A peak for up to a second…” This would let you more effectively blind people with full-power flashes.

Future idea #2: add a cumulative power-consumption gauge, so you could read out how many milliamp-hours you’d used up so far (and thus estimate how many remained in your battery…).


But for now, the basic stuff works. Enjoy.