Here's a before and after of tumbling parts printed with colorfabb's copperFill.

(Noe Ruiz) #1

Here’s a before and after of tumbling parts printed with colorfabb’s copperFill. About 200 brass screws as the medium for 7-8 hours.

(Øystein Krog) #2

Nice, they look awesome.
Are you using a steel nozzle?
It’s interesting to see how the ringing artifacts in the print seem to become much more visible, certainly something to keep in mind.

(marc kerger) #3

i’ve tried in a tumbler but my result was not so great, ( must be super dry) i find it goes much faster and better with a dremel and felt and polishing pastes. for brassfill.

(Wing Wong) #4

Okay, the before and after is amazing.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #5

Is the model available? I have a sample of the material and have no idea what to do with it.

(Noe Ruiz) #6

I’m not quite sure about the nozzle, though the coloring eludes to steel. The parts with the ringing artifacts were actually sliced with makerware and printed on a rep2, I’m assuming the acceleration and speed contributed to that. The last parts in brozefill were printed with the TA Series 1 and sliced with S3D. I’ll upload the models within the coming weeks to go along with the full set. Could try printing marvin in the mean time :slight_smile:

(Wing Wong) #7

@Noe_Ruiz what are your thoughts about S3D slicing quality? I’m currently slicing with Kisslicer, which does a great job on slicing and non-extrusion moves, but leaves something to be desired then it comes to manual object placement and pre-visualizing supports. Any thoughts?

I’ve tried cura and am not happy with it’s non-extrusion movements going all over the place.

I’ve read that S3D does some very efficient movement planning, which can save print time.

(Noe Ruiz) #8

@Wing_Wong sure, most folks tout the support material but the toolpath is most prominent reason I continue to use it. There’s lot of buttons and switches to tweak but for the most part S3D does a fine job with default settings from whatever printer profile you choose. A new update was just released today, improving UI and performance. Theres even more optimization in the toolpath generation, supposedly. I mostly work on enclosure designs, but I have done some organic sculptures and things that printed really well.

(David Yu) #9

Does the screw material affect the color? Like steel made it look like steel . So if you tumble with stones, what will happen to the final color?

(Wing Wong) #10

@Noe_Ruiz awesome, thanks for the info. Definitely interested in using S3D’s new features. Definitely on the shortlist of todos.