Here was my latest FastLED project,

(Jon Burroughs) #1

Here was my latest FastLED project, 15 wireless controlled WS2801 LED strips attached to some pretty cool marching band props. The show was based on the concept of prism’s and their effect on white light. The LED rigs were 12v WS2801’s from @Adafruit_Industries (because they play nice with interrupts) , powered from a 12v LiPo RC-type 4200 mAh battery, wireless controlled thru NRF24L01’s, driven by @SparkFun_Electronics 5v Arduino Pro Mini’s, all seated on a custom PCB created in Fritzing. Since there are copyright issues with the actual performance material, I cannot show the props in use during the performance.
Read more about the group here:

(JP Roy) #2

Excellent work on a huge project like this !!!

(Greg Heinz) #3

Looks great I have a need to do remote control of LEDs to could you let me know how this was done

(Marc Miller) #4

Big props for the BD, and big props to you for making them awesome props!

(Jon Burroughs) #5

@Greg_Heinz The NRF24L01 is a highly documented device on the “inter-webs”. I bought mine from @Greg_Scull of

(Greg Scull) #6

Great Job Jon! I love seeing how many NRF24L01 projects have found their way into marching band / school theater props… So what was more fun, making them or watching them in action???