Here is the stock NoisePlayground Example sketch with:  kMatrixSerpentineLayout  true

Here is the stock NoisePlayground Example sketch with:
#define kMatrixSerpentineLayout true

Are you running the Noise example or NoisePlayground? (they both handle this a little bit differently)

Noise Playground

Ahh - you initially had this post flagged as having had serpentine set to false - which was strange - but this is expected - the adafruit 8x8 is not a serpentine layout :slight_smile:

Yeah, i caught that typo after posting. I’m gonna try to cut the values in half and see what I get.

// adjust these values to move along the x or y axis between frames
int x_speed=0;
int y_speed=0;

What do these do? What am I moving along the X Y axis?

So this playground is doing 3D noise. There’s an X/Y axes that noise is computed along, and we’re moving forward along the Z axis (called time) which is giving you the animation that you’re seeing. As you can see, you get quite a bit of movement by just moving along one axis - if you move across another axis as well you’ll end up with even more motion :slight_smile: