Here is the prototype WS2812 2020 pixel strip I have been working on

(Leon Yuhanov) #1

Here is the prototype WS2812 2020 pixel strip I have been working on I ended up stopping the kickstarter (before it was funded) because I thought it too high risk. But results are amazing! I used pcbway to fabricate some flex pcb strips. They are 4mm wide and 149mm long with about 220px per meter density. Its flexible and can be cut ANYWHERE along the strip. I had a solder mask made to make soldering the tiny pixels easier. I used leaded solder paste and a handheld hot air rework station, it was surprisingly easy and quick. I guess the next step is to have someone big fab these in china

(Marc Miller) #2

Very cool to see a working prototype.
Can those flex strips be put in a reflow oven?

(Kyle Halvorson) #3

I’ll buy some when they’re ready for production. I’d be a repeat customer and I’d order 25+ meters at a time.

(Leon Yuhanov) #4

@marmil Yes my original plan was to use a re-flow oven, but I thought it was a bit costly for a prototype run. I just used a hot air rework gun

(Leon Yuhanov) #5

@Kyle_Halvorson I would also buy a ton of these! Im not planning on producing these, im going to send out all the details to as many pixel fabers i know and see who decides to rip them off!

(Kyle Halvorson) #6

Oh I see,I want to try to make my own PCBs anyway, Where are you getting the LEDs themselves from?

(Leon Yuhanov) #7

@Kyle_Halvorson I got a sample pack fro m Ray WU on my last order, but you can get them on Aliexpress or directly from world semi