Here is the power supply,

Here is the power supply, I’m trying to make work with the DSP Controller

Not quite like mine But those small connections I think:

Confirm this first

G Ground
P+ Water Protection switch
L Laser fire button
G Ground to fire button and pot?
IN center of mA pot
+5 to pot

So similar to my other post here:

Connectors as pictured left to right
4 pin no change
Yellow wire to ammeter and tube
Yellow to machine ground post
AC in
AC in

6 pin
G and P+ generic safety switch / water protection
L (TTL) (old test fire button) – to dsp TTL screw
GROUND (old side a of pot/button) – to dsp GROUND screw
IN (PWM) (old center of pot) – to dsp PWM screw
+5v (old side b of pot) – no connection

4? pin
No connections. Untrusted. Supplied power to old Moshi board.

So all you should need is 3 wires and a jumper.

FYI water protection (WP) – connect your pump pressure switch between WP and GROUND. If connecting to LO X7 DSP jumper WP and GROUND on LASER 2 Cover switch is In1.

Same PSU ref as mine (but different connectors).
if any help: