Here is the 768 pixel 32x8x3 panel with some custom animations I wrote,

Here is the 768 pixel 32x8x3 panel with some custom animations I wrote, in its natural habitat, my shirt :slight_smile:
mike thornbury, thanks for the graphing paper suggestion, I did that.


The animations are not awesome yet, but that’s a start.
If anyone has cool animations, or even nice moving sprites that you think I can re-use, please let me know and I’ll be happy to take them :slight_smile:

This is powered by a 5200mAh 4S (16V) lipo battery which gives me between 9 to 10h of runtime.

The part I’m a bit ashamed off is how the 16V is taken down to 5V by a BEC (switching voltage regulator), then I’m using a heat maker Vreg that takes it further down to 3.3V which goes into the little black battery holder (normally with 2x 1.5V AAA batteries), and this then takes it back up to high voltage for the el wire, which is actually somewhat battery hungry, so the double voltage conversion, with one that isn’t even a switching Vreg, isn’t that efficient.

For now, I’m just going to carry 160Wh of lipo capacity in my pack and it won’t matter too much, but I still feel a bit dirty about it. I need to find a multi voltage (12 to 16V) el wire controller and then I’ll get rid of the crappy 3V one I have.

That is really F… amazing !!! That ‘a a party outfit !!! Great job !! Il love it !!
Have fun

@Yves_BAZIN not as cool as your neopixel TV, but more portable, and it takes fewer amps :wink:
I would however love animations, sprites, and other fun stuff I can print on it. I wrote some, but I’m not very good at it, and it takes forever. My next 3 nights party all night event is coming up soon, I need to add more code on that ESP8266 :slight_smile:

Haha yeah I wondered why your post had so many wacky errors in it, but I got the just of what you were saying which is what mattered.
Oddly there was another post where someone responded and the first four or five words were fine and then it was utter gibberish and very random. They seem to have deleted it now. Wonder if that was related at all to what happened with your post.

Re: All your voltage regulating… Hey, whatever gets the job done as the show must go on!

I’d be curious to see this one on there if you want to mess with it.

@marmil I have replied on your other comment for the code of the ghosts

Thanks @marmil . I actually have a fair amount of 1D strip demos, but I’m totally lacking 2D demos for the panel, but eh, it can’t hurt to add one more. I’ll add it tomorrow, thanks.


@Yves_BAZIN I just got your post with ledtable code, thanks:

@Marc_MERLIN I will try to post the code for the polygones and circles today

@Yves_BAZIN Thanks. I’m now reading example.ino and images.h to see how your pixmap encoding works. My first reaction was that those RGB values in your array were way too small / dark for it to work ( )

@Yves_BAZIN by the way, did you find that going to 160Mhz on ESP8266

  1. was stable and didn’t have any downsides/problems
  2. actually helped (somehow I thought most of my time was spent waiting on neopixel refreshes, and I didn’t look whether changing my CPU speed to 160Mhz helps anything)

@Marc_MERLIN Guessed that might be true. You have a matrix after all, you’re going to want 2D. :slight_smile:
If you don’t have any of @Stefan_Petrick 's noise stuff you might find it interesting. This:

And this:

@marmil i have always went at 160mHZ for instance to create the filled circles it takes some computing time and I wanted to have a god frame rate.

@Marc_MERLIN what is the music in the background ?it’s really nice

@Marc_MERLIN here it is; look at examples/fulldemo.ino for usage in the graphicsfunctions.h you will find all the functions to draw lines ,polygones, circles … ps: use glbDrawLine for drawing a line :slight_smile:

@Yves_BAZIN thank you for also liking trance :slight_smile:
This specific track was a remix of the timeless “Lost Tribe - Gamemaster”. I was listening to you can jum pto offset 1h28
The original track from 1996 is and it evolved into such amazing remixes like
The specific mix you were listening to is this other gem:
Ok, we’re way off topic
If you really want more (probably more than you asked for :slight_smile: ), there you go:

@Marc_MERLIN And now I know what I’ll be listening to this afternoon. Thanks :slight_smile:

@marmil i am just leaving the office and tomorrow it’s holiday in Belgium (like a bunch of countries) it will be good to start the evening

@Yves_BAZIN Haha, “fête du travail”, let’s celebrate work by not working, you lazy Europeans :wink: (for anyone who didn’t quite get it, it’s the pot calling the kettle black, given that I’m french myself and we probably invented that holiday :slight_smile: ).