Here is Part 3.

(Thomas Shue) #1

Here is Part 3. I know a video of a PC screen sux (watch it in 1080HD). The PC my buddy uses has no mic, no speakers its a bare box he bought used to run the OX (so I did the best I could).

The video covers a lot of information that folks new to this stuff may find useful. In the video description I posted links to a hard copy of the config dump. Also links to seed up the process of finding info found in that 25 min video.

If you click on the gear icon (bottom right of the video frame) you can speed up the playback, it makes it easier to watch. I hate long winded videos, but I had a lot of stuff to cover. I hope it helps someone.:slight_smile:


I love the music at start/end. Good content for folks, but yes, I was struggling on the video cam shot of the screen. There’s always the trial version of Camtasia you could use.

(Thomas Shue) #3

The PC has no mic or even speakers. I will do another vid here at home covering the config file ( I have camtasia 8).

The fact that the machine was located an hour one way really sucked. Also that he only had a POS PC that barely runs the TinyG didn’t make matters much better.

That vid will have to do for now, when I can get my hands on my own machine, it will be much different. I can work on it from the comfort of home.

With that said, I would of killed for a 25 min video explaining everything when I started this project. :slight_smile:


Yes, good point on your last paragraph. New folks will surely appreciate your set of videos you’re making!

(Brandon Satterfield) #5

@jlauer absolutely agree with you about these videos being great for the community. Thank you for all these tutorials @Thomas_Shue you are a great contributor sir!

I stink at making videos and explaining things, admire your work!

(carl j mcgrath) #6

@Thomas_Shue Lookin’ good. One item that I noticed in Part 1 that was not consistent with some of our early ‘chats’: In Part 1 video, you talk about, and have PWB marked, with Motor4=X axis, Motor 1=Zaxis. But that is not how you have your parameters set up as you discuss them in Part 3.

(Thomas Shue) #7

Stuff Changes…Still not a deal breaker on the info… If they follow the Config dump, they will have a machine that works. :slight_smile: