here is one useful thing i designed lately:

(Rainer Schlosshan) #1

here is one useful thing i designed lately:

Ideal when taking apart some device and you need to store/sort the screws without loosing anything. it has got magnets under each compartment that hold the screws in place, and you can create a lid if you are not reassembling your project at once.
It is fully customizable and has lots of options for sizes, lids, magnet count etc…
You can as well add magnets to the lids or text in almost any font/style/sze if you want

(Michael) #2

Cool. Nice idea.

(arnold townsend) #3

Nice. :ok_hand:

(Kevin Danger Powers) #4

Just downloaded it. This will come in handy for sure! I have a thing I use right now but it’s not magnetic and the dividers aren’t very big at all. This with the rounded design looks much better.

(Rainer Schlosshan) #5

you can freely choose compartment sizes and even join multiple compartments to create bigger ones…
missing/deleted image from Google+

(Ulrich Baer) #6

amazing configuration overkill … 1500 lines of code WOW! also like the Debug system … may i sugest to use $fn=72 not 75 as this № should be divisible by 4 without remainder (quarter edge) to ensure proper dimensions.

(Rainer Schlosshan) #7

@Ulrich_Baer will be changed in the next version. thx for the tip

(Rainer Schlosshan) #8

@Ulrich_Baer the code size is that big as i basically built one main lib that i am using for most of my “box style” customizable things… this one is a “simplified” version. all parameters are available in my customizabe box thing…

(Griffin Paquette) #9

Looks awesome! What filament is that as well? The two go together quite nicely

(Rainer Schlosshan) #10

@Griffin_Paquette thx for the feedback! it is Prusament Galaxy black PLA printed on my Prusa i3 MK3

(Raptor Swire) #11

nice use for a wowstick

(Doug Rector) #12

Love the concept! This will replace my muffin tins.