Here is one of my box lid inserts finished up today.

Here is one of my box lid inserts finished up today. Each one is burning a bit better than the last as I tweak the file and power/feed in LW3. I also have it doing all of the operations in one shot now. A vector outline, a raster engrave and then a vector cut. Happy days!

The pen engraving itself still leaves a bit to be desired, but I think that’s on the hardware configuration right now and not a software issue. But it’s definitely better since switching over to the cnc firmware for the board.

Looks real good Carl. Congrats!

Is our issue still that dotted line effect discussed a while back?

@raykholo Yep. I’m actually going to play with the source a bit. It may be some combination of the font and size. I’m going to try a line font of some sorts and try this same font larger to see if it goes away. I don’t see it on any of my larger vector stuff.

It would be great if you put of a video of how you go about importing your image/rastering. I’m trying to do this but I keep getting offset vectors from my raster :expressionless:

We actually had a conversation about that recently. I’ll have to find the specific thread but basically it boiled down to fixing one small bug which brought the raster and vector onto effectively the same plane and then using a reference point of some sorts across the image types to maintain an anchor if you will for positioning.

Next time I work something up, I’ll put together a video.

Thanks…Maybe I just need to pull a new version…it’s been a couple days and I saw lots of updates this week. Great work by the way!

Awesome work

@Carl_Fisher When the machine is engraving the text on the pen, is the motion of the machine smooth or jerky?

K40 type. It’s jerky mainly due to the small size of the text and having to switch directions so often. I could go back to a raster if I had to and it would likely resolve it but I’m on a mission now :slight_smile:

@Carl_Fisher I have had some of my cast acrylic turned pens engraved on an Epilog Laser but it was done as a raster. For vector art on a pen, I would personally do that on a diode laser setup. Well actually, now that I have a laser diode engraver, I would probably not pay to have this done anymore and do vector and raster on my own setup lol.