Here is my printer working!

(Topias Korpi) #1

Here is my printer working!

(Micheal Yarbrough) #2

What about machine lathes that doing everything and it throws in kitchen sink free

(Mike Kelly) #3

Lookin real good but you should do something about the water hose just drooping!

(Topias Korpi) #4

I am making cable chain for it! There is more info on video description.

(Mike Kelly) #5

I saw that. I guess if the arc is gradual enough on the cable chain it would work. I assume only the X axis would have the chain

(Topias Korpi) #6

I thought something like this: But you might be right about it. Let’s see!

(Mike Kelly) #7

That’s a sweet printer. Got any more information on it?

(Topias Korpi) #8

Yep, that is great piece of engineering. Here is topic for it,297740