Here is my latest creation. Its printed in PLA and has never cracked.

Here is my latest creation. Its printed in PLA and has never cracked.

… into a bank. FTFY :wink:

Thought we had a policy against gun stuff, but I can’t find it now.

Pla is underrated. Over 4000 rounds fired with no damage.

Ap-9 files coming soon!

There won’t be a policy against gun related printing so long as it remains legal in the USA. US Citizens have this right, this is a US-hosted website. Therefore, it is allowed here so long as it doesn’t break any of our other rules. Please, leave the politics on gun rights at the door and stick to discussing the 3D printing related merits, shortfalls, engineering etc related to the post.

I will not censor posts on guns just because it offends someones political sensibilities. Posting files for this kind of thing can be left to be hosted elsewhere, as allowing those files to be downloaded outside of US jurisdiction falls within the realm of firearms export laws. Go ahead and post the video, and leave the files somewhere else please.

ThantiK, Thanks!

I have tried Abs and petg but they crack after the first 2-3 shots

@derwoodvw , my guess is that this isn’t nearly as accurate as the gun that these internals were made for. What’s the weight on this? Did you even save any money verses just buying a composite lower?

@ThantiK , It uses a glock17 barrel, Ar15 buffer spring and ar15 fire control group. The lower is ar15 customized to accept glock magazines. The bolt is a 3/4 inch steel dowel with a pla plastic housing. The upper is all pla plastic. surprisingly it is more accurate than the glock 17 pistol that the barrel was borrowed from. I can hit a 8inch x 8inch target at 100yds with no rest. I have had several versions of this gun over that last 3 years. I have released the files on other versions. You cant buy the lower for this gun it has to be printed.

I have not released the Ap-9 files.

@derwoodvw , feel free to post the files on your video or something - the files being available here may actually break some export laws in the USA (assuming your country here)/G+ EULA so I can’t allow the direct links in this community.

You’re more than welcome to post about the work, and the 3D printing aspects, but the actual files I’d prefer people need to go find them wherever the repo is via your video or something of that nature.

After the barrel heats, won’t the PLA soften and distort? Does the barrel have cooling fins?

WOW!! like call of duty infinity warfare but different

@NathanielStenzel I have not had that problem. I always let the barrel cool after two 17 shot mags