Here is a video of my FastLed project Its made of 3 seperate LED

Here is a video of my FastLed project
Its made of 3 seperate LED panels witha 7x7 LED matrix on each panel.
I used a WS2812B RGB LED strip (5 meters) with 30 LEDs / meter
controlled by a NodeMCU ESP8266 module ( 80Mhz) for smooth and fast animations - so I was able to use “palette fade” and a second “virtual” CRGB array to render the next animation to and then use nblend to fade the virtual CRGB array into the real array.
The fusion of the three panels was a bit tricky because each panel has a center angle of 120 degree instead of 90 and I had to avoid a warp. If anyone is interested in that solution let me know.
Maybe I’ll upload the sketch to github or pastebin but at the moment the code is neither strctured nor cleaned up.
If anyone is interested in the code I’ll do the efford :wink:

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@Marlon_Graeber great job !!!

@Marlon_Graeber - Magnificent!!! I am definitely interested in seeing your code and learning how you accomplished such great animations.

This is cool

I would also love to see the code, specifically the vitual crgb animation fade logic!

@Marlon_Graeber I would certainly be interested in learning more about this. It looks great!

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Dude, awesome job!

I would love to see the code!