Here is a little CNC project I did for our 13th Wedding Anniversary for

Here is a little CNC project I did for our 13th Wedding Anniversary for my wife. She really liked it and it turned out pretty nice IMO. The wood was 1" oak stairs from Home Depot. They are pretty cheap and stain really cool!

I cheated at the end and used the laser to do the Pi symbol as I was going to use an inlay and aluminum. Oh well I ran out of time.

Hope you guys liked it.

Job Info:
Hardware: 3040 CNC Machine, tinyg
Software: Chilipeppr / spjs
Toolchain: Aspire, Coreldraw, Sketchup

(Coated) Carbide endmill? Flutes?

RPM = “high” (24000 or so) ?

Looks good :slight_smile:

This is just a 1/4 run of the mill wood router bit. I actually am not sure about the rpms as I used the manual input to select it. I did some test cuts at my desired feed rate and adjusted the rpms until I got what I liked.

Very nice!

Very cool! What spindle is that?

Very nice!

Riley, What kits is that? Does each Motor draw 2 amps or less? I haven’t decided if I’ll go with an OX/Skapeoko or one of the 3040’s on ebay with Ball Screws and put in a TinyG. The machine in this post looks very sturdy!

This is a 3040 it’s very rigid. I am using a tinyg of course so they draw less than 2.5 amps

@Riley_Porter_ril3y Is there a particular kit you started with, yours looks very sturdy… :slight_smile:

@Thomas_Shue I don’t think the 3040s come as a kit, but there are MANY suppliers, and some are much better than others, or so I hear. You can also ask @jlauer … he has one as well.
@Riley_Porter_ril3y still would like to know what spindle that is … surely bigger than a 300W.

Riley and I have the same machine. It was the BEST Chinese machine I could find because you get the whole gamut of 3040 vendors out there. If you go with ballscrews you should be in good shape. Many sell the cheaper trapezoidal screws. You’re going to throw away the electronics so you could just skip them, but the case, switches, and toroidal power supply is nice. You can buy it from .

Although, I do think Riley upgraded his spindle.

So you guys bought the X3-300 firm the link? It looks different for the machine in the video that Riley posted…

Yeah, cuz that’s the 3040Z-D52. The Z means ballscrews. The D52 means a 52mm diameter spindle. You could ask them to not include the spindle and then get this one instead

@jlauer No spindle upgrade. I did purchase a spindle upgrade but it was defective and i sent it back on amazon :slight_smile:

@Thomas_Shue funny thing… No. They have totally rebranded their machines / site after we made our purchases. In fact I did not see “our” machines on their site any longer. You could email and ask.