Here is a light show I have been working on

(Kyle bostick) #1

Here is a light show I have been working on

(Marc Miller) #2

That reminded me that it’s almost Halloween! :slight_smile:

(Christopher Kirkman) #3

Green, orange and purple. Why didn’t I think of that? Seriously, I was struggling last year to come up with a color combo cuz black and orange is just orange dashes and isn’t very interesting. I had orange and green and people asked why my christmas lights were up.

(Yves BAZIN) #4

@Kyle_bostick that is what I call taking Halloween seriously !!! Great job

(Marc Miller) #5

Is the strobing done with code? If so I was thinking you could play with that some more. Maybe first cut the visual brightness in half. That will allow you to occasionally quickly pop the brightness much brighter for a nice effect.
Other stuff you could try there: Maybe an effect of a slightly flickering light that’s Browning out. Or have it “breath”. Or a heart beat effect.

(Kyle bostick) #6

@marmil yes the strobe is done with code, @Chris_Parton helped me make it. I am not good enough to understand how I would lower the brightness and add an increase it in a pop. I will check out your code examples, thanks for sharing them!