Here is a hidden treasure Easter Egg puzzle.

Here is a hidden treasure Easter Egg puzzle. Fits two US half dollars or any coins that are 31mm or smaller.

Kids will know there is a treasure inside and just have to figure out how to get it open.

Parents have to figure out how to get it closed. :slight_smile:


Going to print right now, had to scale to 85 percent for the mono price mini, but should work I hope… thanks for sharing!

@Rp_White_KF5VLM The tolerances might be a little tight scaled down. I think I’m going to upload all 4 parts separately for this reason so that people can print one at a time on smaller printers.

If you have an older version of Cura (15.04.6) you can split the assembly into different parts and save off each one individually or just delete what you don’t want and print one at a time.

Should still fit 2 quarters at 85%. Let me know how it goes.

10-4 about 60% complete, will update when done.

I would print it but I can’t as I don’t have any filament… My order hasn’t gotten here yet…

Ok it printed fine, but made some mistakes on settings but works great, just not smart enough to get it together, first 5 mins ended in frustration :)… will play with it later, and also will print again with better settings… :slight_smile: great model.

@Rp_White_KF5VLM I have the individual parts uploaded on Thingiverse now to make it easier to print one piece at a time. Check out the Youtube video for the assembly hint.