Here is a cable management system I came up with for my Eustathios v2

(Rick Sollie) #1

Here is a cable management system I came up with for my Eustathios v2 Spider.

Hack, modify, print, enjoy!

(Brandon Cramer) #2

I like it!!

(Oliver Seiler) #3


(Bud Hammerton) #4

Can you add source files to your YouMagine posting?

(Rick Sollie) #5

@Bud_Hammerton I put this together in Tinkercad, which only outputs the stl/obj file.

(Bud Hammerton) #6

Okay, then. I was looking for something like this, but STLs are just too hard for me to work with. I’ll see what I can do with this to convert it to a solid part. Thanks for all the effort and the design.

Update: I recreated this and exported to STEP and IGES, take them for anyone else asking for CAD files.

This was a model I didn’t know I needed until you posted, now I can see how it could simplify and clean up wire management.

(Erik Scott) #7

I like this a lot! I was trying to think of how I might make something like this. My ideas weren’t nearly as simple.

(Rick Sollie) #8

@Bud_Hammerton thanks for making that available. I seriously need to learn a proper cad program :wink:

(Rick Sollie) #9

@Erik_Scott Thanks. I’m still working on something to transition from horizontal to vertical extrusion, more to come.

(Erik Scott) #10

@Rick_Sollie make versions with a 45deg cut in the top, rather than horizontal, and don’t carry the clip bits up to the cut.

(Erik Scott) #11

And since I suck at explaining things, I decided to go ahead and make a set: @Rick_Sollie what do you think?

(Rick Sollie) #12

@Erik_Scott that will do the trick!