Here are more photos of my build.

Here are more photos of my build.

I went to a local hobby store yesterday to find some parts. I got the shafts and axles. I will be using them on both front/rear instead of CVD shafts (lot cheaper). But we couldn’t find 85,5 dogbones so I need to modify some parts to fit these slightly longer.

Also see my reinforced Axle Shaft for front/rear diff.

Sooooo purddy. Love the colors.

Boy do I need to get a printer :slight_smile:

Looking good, can´t wait to see it completed!

Great work!! Love this stuff cant wait to get my 3D printer! could this design be printed on smaller printers such as MakiBox or other 3D affordable printers?

@Kubi_Dogan The chassi plates and top deck parts are two big for MakiBox but everything else should be printable on a MakiBox!