Here are a few my favorite of the animations I've got running on the

(Erin St. Blaine) #1

Here are a few my favorite of the animations I’ve got running on the mermaid tail. Thanks SO much to all you awesome code monkeys!! Keep 'em coming.

(Jon Burroughs) #2

The blue flame is great!

(Erin St. Blaine) #3

yeah I really really like that one. The twinkle one is probably still my favorite though. I want to sit on a beach in the moonlight and twinkle back at the waves. :slight_smile:

(Daniel Garcia) #4

This looks fantastic!

(Mark Kriegsman) #5

After seeing it as “part of” Glimmer herself, it’s a little disconcerting to see it detached like that – but I think that mostly says very good things about how great the whole ensemble is!

(Matt Starbuck) #6

Mindblowing! Any chance i might see you in this at burning man?

(Erin St. Blaine) #7

Thanks!! burning man: Probably not… I haven’t been to the burn in years and I think I’m done with it. Not nearly enough ocean there for me. :slight_smile:

(Ashley M. Kirchner [Norym]) #8

Love the effects. The flame is my favorite, but they’re all equally mesmerizing.