HercuLien or Eustathios V2? Am I ready to build one now,

HercuLien or Eustathios V2? Am I ready to build one now, or should I wait?

Hi all. I just recently jumped into 3d printing with a Monoprice Maker Select (rebadged Wanhao Duplicator i3) to see what the fuss is about and I’m hooked. I have experience with 3d modeling, CAD, waterjet, composite materials, metal, wood, etc. but additive manufacturing is new for me. The i3 was bought because if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t feel bad about it collecting dust. Now I just want faster, bigger, better quality.

Someone turned me onto the HercuLien, so I’m now dialing in my current machine for PETG so I can print the parts and get started. Then I started reading about the Eustathios v2, and now I’m confused as to the strengths and weaknesses of each and which one is better suited for a first timers build.

I was also considering getting a Rostock MAX V2 because they’re only $1k and I think it’d be nice to have experience with a delta.

Give this info, I’d love some input from others. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Happy to have found this community and I’m looking forward to contributing and posting my progress.

Herculien 100%
and make it enclosed :smiley:

If you want the possibility to utilize a large build volume, another vote for the Herculien. @Jim_Stone how are those parts working for you? I could definitely print them at higher quality now… :frowning:

lol im still only just fitting my panels. havent even wired yet. @Zane_Baird

may have split the hotend carriage. but meh.
doesnt seem to have hurt it.

I would really say it depends upon how you planned to use the printer. If you planned to print very large things, or print a lot in ABS then the HercuLien is a better option. But if you plan on printing slightly smaller items or less ABS… Then Eustathios is good. Both are great printers. But do note the larger you go on your printer the more difficulty you can run into with tuning.

For maximum speed there really is no comparison, deltas are your best option. But due to the round build area you are substantially more limited in X & Y. I’m currently printing a lot right now on the Delta designed by @Alex_Lee ​. And I love it. If I have something smaller to print and I want it done fast it is definitely my go to printer. Then again I have four printers which is more than most people. I gotta admit it’s nice to have options.

Also the longer I’ve had it collection dust, the less I really care about dual extrusion. For how often you actually use it and the tuning it takes to get it to run well I’m not really sold on it being an nessisary option. To be honest using simplify3d for my slicer makes support removal so easy that I never even think about printing with dissolving support.

Lastly do yourself a huge favor and get a Bondtech extruder. Mine is fine (Hercustruder) and worked for a long time for me…but there is nothing else that compares to Martins extruder, not even close.

i havent even got my bondtech qr plugged in and working yet and i can say i agree just by the FEEL the thing FEELS amazing and the man behind it is quite accomidating

It would be interesting to run a price comparison. I was adding up the Eustathios Spider v2 and it’s at least $700 (includes shipping and tax). I kind of wonder what the Herculien would be. I built a Eustathios and it’s awesome, only now I want to build a bigger one. For what I do, I mostly need large X and Y, and less large Z- but that is nice to have too.

@Ted_Huntington I stopped counting the price on my herc. but i know im past 2k CAD but thats sort of because i cant use mcmaster. and i had to oddly source some things. because im in the great white north.

but either way thats 1.5k in usd. so thats UM2 money. but its soooo much better looking than the UM2 and larger. and im sure…less problematic.

@Jim_Stone even the best printers are problematic every once in awhile, and learning to wrangle in a printer that you could fit a prusa I3 inside of is no exception:)

The difference is you’ve got a whole clan of people on G+ who have made them and designed them to help when you run into issues.

Another piece of advice… go with ball screws vs lead screws. The prices from golmart (on aliexpress) are way better than the Misumi leadscrew prices anyway, they will machine them to any size/end geometry you want, and they have lower rotating resistance.

I’m in agreement with @Eclsnowman , for enclosed ABS, the Herculien is the way to go. Likewise, I have yet to buy a second bondtech and get dual extrusion going as previous experience says it’s not great unless absolutely necessary. That being said, my next printer will absolutely be a delta

looks like i may be ordering some from them. but i hate dealing with ali. cause its confusing for me :(i tried to do the heater from there. and yeah… i went elsewhere
cause i was confused.

@Eclsnowman regarding the ball screws, is a low resistance screw worth it on the z axis? it seems the gravity and the high load negates the reasoning behind their use.

@Zane_Baird I think ease of motion on every axis is good. Motors provide the stall. And a faster moving Z could provide Z-hop if you wanted on travel moves. After experiencing the benefits of Z-hop on my Delta my slow moving HercuLien Z stage seems glacial by comparison.

@Eclsnowman I’m using screws with an 8 mm lead on my Herculien. I’ll include a z-hop test in my upcoming post out of curiosity…

Did anyone ever get a working belt driven z going? From thinking about it it could give some big advantages in resolution and in having absolutely no possibility of z wobble. Pretty sure someone was working on it but can’t find it now.

@Ben_Delarre Look for what @Maxim_Melcher or @shauki have done on Z stage in the quadrap-3d-printer community. You may find an alternative solution…

Hi Eric , do you have any details about that Delta ?. I´m curious because your Herculien Design still impresses me (And I working with the herculien for about 4 months now )
Im asking because I still have an unopened Box with a BI 2.5 Delta - based on fihing-lines instead of gt2 belts. (turned out to be a foolish design)
So now its time to start on a Delta with Due Eletronics and Openbuilds V-wheels…