HercuLien is getting closer.

HercuLien is getting closer. Once I finish wiring and troubleshooting I’ll be releasing the Solidworks assembly source files out on github with the rest of my other projects.

Very good!!!

Colosseum! :wink:

@Shauki I will send them both to the octagon to see who reigns supreme.

@Shauki I see your point. But in my experience I have seen no I’ll effects.

Eric, Can I get a copy of the E3D mount? I am looking to try it on my Ultimaker since I have 8mm cross rods.

@Bruce_Wattendorf yes. I will be releasing all the files soon.

Sweet thanks!! Eric
Have you thought about adding a inductive prox sensor for the Z height??

@Bruce_Wattendorf to be honest I have never seen the need. I level my bed every 4-6 weeks. My take is a solid build makes auto leveling unnecessary.