Herculien for sale? Hi guys.

Herculien for sale?

Hi guys. My current printer is giving me grief and I’m not confident in it’s ability to print PETG or ABS in a quality that I’m comfortable using in my HercuLien build so I’m wondering if anyone has one they would be willing to part with, or if anyone offers a service of printing the pieces.

If not, it won’t hurt my feelings too bad because it’ll force me to get that rostock I’ve been eyeing, but I’d love to save a grand :slight_smile:

There was this print it forward initiative @Eclsnowman started quite a while ago. If that’s still going on that could be an option but you would need some time to wait for soneone to print the parts for you.

That sounds awesome. Not sure how it’s organized, but I’ll start digging.

I would be more than happy to print the parts ABS or PETG and mail them to you for a fee (cheaper than 3Dhubs or a commercial printing company). Shoot me an email zt0827@gmail.com and we can get the ball rolling

That sounds… Amazing. At the very least I must pay for the filament and shipping.

Just saw your email address. Shooting you an email now.

@Daniel_F unfortunately it has not gone as planned. It was a good idea, but required a certain number of people building them and “print in forward” to hit critical mass.

Well, it worked in this instance and I’ll be sure to ‘print it forward’ myself.

I have a Herculien that is about 95% finished with a smoothie board, Vicki 2Lcd, and dual E3d lite hotends. I have all the nesicary parts and pieces excluding a bed heater. I used high quality hardware and components. I just lost steam when it came to finishing/working on the electronics. Let me know if you are interested. I can also give you left over hardware and pieces.

@Gunnar_Meyers I’m very interested. How can I best get in touch?

If you have a hangouts account we can chat there.