Help with skr 1.3 and axis

New to the forum so a big hello and thanks! I have recently got a K40 and started immediately on mods a couple weeks ago. The obvious mirrors, lens, air assist, rotaries, water flow. I then changed out the single power supply for an HY-T50 and a 24V 6A to power everything else. Latest is swapping the M2 nano with an SKR 1.3 with tmc 2209 drivers. Everything went well for the most part. The problem I am left dealing with is my X axis. I got rid of the ribbon cable and ran new wires to the optical endstops and X motor. Endstops work fine. I had the cohesion smoothie firmware on it as well as the one from smoothie github. Lightburn has no problem communicating. It homes fine, but where the problem lies is when I run a job in lightburn. This is all I have been able to achieve trying a square. I have checked wires going to motor. Swapped A’s for B’s etc. I have inverted pins in my config. No matter what I do I cannot get a square. Any help would be really appreciated as my head is getting very sore from banging it

(Lines are actually straight when it engraves, just not in my example)

I’ve seen exactly that pattern (though in my case it wasn’t a laser) when I had a bad DIR signal to one stepper driver. It drove me crazy because it was intermittent.

If you swap the TMC2209s does the problem stay with the same axis or does it follow the driver?

Thanks, I did swap drivers and same problem with X axis. :frowning_face:

I don’t think I mentioned this, but it also jogs just fine and as normal using jog buttons in lightburn. It will also run a frame around the object as well without problems. Only when I actually start the job will it behave this way. I could pull a stepper motor off 1 of my rotary’s to try but I’m just not convinced thats the problem

Well… after 2 days of going crazy trying to figure this out I must say I feel like a real heel :roll_eyes: I decided to try something different and ran a search on my config file for duplicates in case I missed something. Low and behold one of the pwm fan pins was assigned the same as my X_dir. I’ve come to conclude that sometimes its best to walk away at a certain point and start again another day. Lesson learned! Thanks mcdanlj


I should have thought to have asked about jogging. Glad you found it!

So many ways to make mistakes relative to ways to not make mistakes… :relaxed: