Help with Laser settings

Bought a made in china laser, trying to configure LaserWeb and dont have any info on what to set the Laser diameter to after loading a file.
Here are the specs from the laser I bought but dont see anything about the laser diameter.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Input Voltage(v):12V

Operating Mode:CW

Cooling Mode:FAN+CASE

Transverse Model:Near to TEM00

Beam Diameter at the Aperture(mm):~6

Divergence,Full angle(mrad):<=4

Power Stability(RMS/4 hrs):<5%

Operating Temperature:-10~+35

TTL/Analog Modulation:TTL

Laser Head Dimensions(LWH):303050

Power Supply:PSU included

Expected Lifetime(hours):>5000



The laser diameter parameter is just used to define the “pixel size” when doing raster engraving. It doesn’t realy have to match the real laser kerf. Start with a value of 0.2mm.
If the pixel density of black areas is too low, reduce the laser diameter to 0.15mm or so. You can see the laser diameter as the pixel size. The smaller the size, the higher the pixel density (and also the data rate!). If you set that value too small and the feed too hight, you will probably get stuttering moves because the data rate is quicker then the machine can handle.

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