Help Wanted I've been jumping in to answer questions too often and it's wearing

Help Wanted

I’ve been jumping in to answer questions too often and it’s wearing me down. You guys used to rock at answering questions; it looks like I interfered with that. I need to pull back and let you all rock again. Experienced users can still tag me if needed, e.g. an unusual problem or potential bug we don’t know about.

We also need help correcting some misinformation. LW isn’t a plug-and-play system; too many people buy a board thinking it will be easier to set up and tune than it is, and end up very frustrated. Upgrading a K-40 and getting it running again is a large project with more potential pitfalls than I can count. Some pitfalls seem to be unsolvable; we can’t reproduce them on our machines even though multiple people report the problems. The most we can offer in these cases is a very-long list of things to try.

Right now our largest source of documentation is in the posts and replies to posts in this community. We need help either finishing , or creating some other documentation site if it’s more convenient to write for.

Thanks for all your past and future commitments and contributions @Todd_Fleming:+1:

I am willing to jump back on the documentation. I think the wiki is a perfectly good way of posting the docs, and that way they get kept a part of the project.

@Todd_Fleming @cprezzi +Jorge Robles Let me know if you want me to do the docs again.

@funinthefalls yes, please do the docs again :slight_smile:

Okey dokey :slight_smile:

I also prefer the github wiki. Switching to the separate site didn’t seem to attract contributions like we hoped it would.

@Todd_Fleming ​ I will do my best to try and answer questions again… I wish we had one of those interactive troubleshooting guides connected to the wiki or even in the software itself that has common answers to many questions… where it asks you questions and based on the answer the user provides it either asks you another question or gives you a reasonable answer… And then when all else fails it points back to the community for people to help… There are so many easy to solve problems I see regularly that deal with topics such as sd card not inserted into the board or using the cheap usb cable that came with the laser

I could use some help with ideas for walk throughs of various use scenarios, from the basic to more advanced. I know there a few guys that have some great experience with LW, I could use their help.

I’ve been crazy busy, but once I get some more bandwidth, I’ll resume contributing to the documentation

@Alex_Krause , if you come up with the flow for an interactive troubleshooting guide, I can quickly turn it ito a web based tool. I like the idea.

Gentlemen, I wouldn’t be able to go from scratch yet, but if there’s a section of the documentation that is incomplete or needs updating, let me know. I’m getting to the point where my machine is no longer the cause of issues and I’m starting to play with LW features such as built-in filters and tracing engine.

Also, soon I will have a second machine online so I can afford to try new things without it affecting production work. So I can test different config and features.

@Todd_Fleming You should change the link in your post to the wiki!

@cprezzi fixed

I have now restored the contents of the old webpage on :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the tedious work Claudio. Without this, a lot of info would be lost.

I may still have some of my original content that I wrote for cncpro. I’ve been gone a few months since I moved and don’t have a shop setup let alone my laser up and running but I guess a lot has changed while I was gone. :frowning:

It appears I have some catching up to do. Someone want to fill me in through a private message?