Help troubleshooting with ESP8266.

Help troubleshooting with ESP8266.

I have 4 60 LED strips (WS2812B) connected to an ESP8266 with a logic shifter. I tried using the LEDMatrix library (with eventual plans for the LEDText) but I am getting very odd results. Even with just 1 string connected the lights seem to go on in non-deterministic ways and colors regardless of the sketch I’m running. I’m sort of lost as to the best way to approach debugging this.

Any tips?

A little more experimenting and I think I got it. I’ll post here so if anyone else has issues this may help them. Basically my issue was that I was powering the LEDs via a different power source than the ESP. However they needed to share a common ground. So I connected the power source ground to the breadboard as well as the LED and voila! THings look good (so far).

Yes, you always need a common ground :wink:

Also… you don’t need a level shifter. Your first WS2812B will happily accept a 3.3V signal and from there on, will pass 5V up the chain.