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I have been using the smoothieboard for a few months now, mostly when I have free time (which is rare). Unfortunately I have not been able to make a config file that works. My first config file is freezing my printer randomly, that file was taken from the GitHub page as a template then edited to my specifications. My second config file was rewritten from the template and had no luck there. The third config file was written from scratch and that one always turns on one of the mosfets! This is frustrating!

I am hoping for somebody to guide me through or just write it for me! I have read through the 3D Printer Guide, the 3D Printer Delta Guide, and all the function descriptions on the Smoothieware website.

Here is my current config file…

default_feed_rate 100
default_seek_rate 100
mmm_per_arc_segment 0.5
mm_per_line_segment 5

arm_solution linear_delta
alpha_steps_per_mm 1512
beta_steps_per_mm 1512
gamma_steps_per_mm 1512
arm_length 358.775
arm_radius 140.00

planner_queue_size 32
acceleration 3000
acceleration_ticks_per_second 1000
junction_deviation 0.05

microseconds_per_step_pulse 1
base_stepping_frequency 100000

x_axis_max_speed 30000 # mm/min
y_axis_max_speed 30000 # mm/min
z_axis_max_speed 30000 # mm/min

alpha_step_pin 2.2
alpha_dir_pin 0.20
alpha_en_pin 0.19
alpha_current 1.3
alpha_max_rate 400.0 # mm/min

beta_step_pin 2.0
beta_dir_pin 0.5
beta_en_pin 0.4
beta_current 1.3
beta_max_rate 400.0 # mm/min

gamma_step_pin 2.1
gamma_dir_pin 0.11
gamma_en_pin 0.10
gamma_current 1.3
gamma_max_rate 400.0 # mm/min

uart0.baud_rate 115200
second_usb_serial_enable false

leds_disable true
pause_button_enable true

extruder.hotend.enable true
extruder.hotend.steps_per_mm 100.47
extruder.hotend.default_feed_rate 470
extruder.hotend.acceleration 500
extruder.hotend.max_speed 50
extruder.hotend.step_pin 2.3
extruder.hotend.dir_pin 0.22!
extruder.hotend.en_pin 0.21
extruder.hotend.x_offset 32.996
extruder.hotend.y_offset -19.01
extruder.hotend.z_offset 0

delta_current 0.5

temperature_control.hotend.enable true
temperature_control.hotend.heater_pin 0.23
temperature_control.hotend.thermistor RRRF100k
temperature_control.hotend.set_m_code 104
temperature_control.hotend.set_and_wait_m_code 109
temperature_control.hotend.designator T
temperature_control.p_factor 78.6
temperature_control.i_factor 2.645
temperature_control.d_factor 584
temperature_control.hotend.max_pwm 255

temperature_control.bed.enable true
temperature_control.bed.thermistor_pin 0.24
temperature_control.bed.heater_pin 2.5
temperature_control.bed.thermistor Honeywell100K
temperature_control.bed.set_m_code 140
temperature_control.bed.set_and_wait_m_code 190
temperature_control.bed.designator B true M106 M107 2.6
switch.fam.output_type pwm

temperatureswitch.hotend.enable true
temperatureswitch.hotend.switch fan2
temperatureswitch.hotend.designator T
temperatureswitch.hotend.threshold_temp 30.0
temperautreswitch.hotend.heatup_poll 15
temperatureswitch.hotend.cooldown_poll 60

switch.fan2.enable true
switch.fan2.input_on_command M42
switch.fan2.input_off_command M43
switch.fan2.output_pin 2.4

endstops_enable true
delta_homing true
alpha_min_endstop nc
alpha_max_endstop 1.25^
alpha_homing_direction home_to_max
alpha_min 0
alpha_max 0
alpha_trim -2.981
beta_min_endstop nc
beta_max_endstop 1.27^
beta_homing_direction home_to_max
beta_min 0
beta_max 0
beta_trim -3.807
gamma_min_endstop nc
gamma_max_endstop 1.29^
gamma_homing_direction home_to_max
gamma_min 0
gamma_max 549.0
gamma_trim -3.500

alpha_fast_homing_rate_mm_s 10
beta_fast_homing_rate_mm_s 10
gamma_fast_homing_rate_mm_s 10
alpha_slow_homing_rate_mm_s 10
beta_slow_homing_rate_mm_s 10
gamma_slow_homing_rate_mm_s 10

alpha_homing_retract_mm 1
beta_homing_retract_mm 1
gamma_homing_retract_mm 1

zprobe.enable true
zprobe.probe_pin 1.28^
zprobe.slow_feedrate 10
zprobe.fast_feedrate 10
zprobe.probe_height 5 true 100 10

panel.enable true
panel.lcd viki2
panel.spi_channel 0
panel.spi_cs_pin 0.16
panel.encoder_a_pin 3.25!^
panel.encoder_b_pin 3.26!^
panel.click_button_pin 1.30!^
panel.a0_pin 2.11
panel.red_led_pin 1.23
panel.external_sd true
panel.external_sd.spi_channel 0
panel.external_sd.spi_cs_pin 0.27
panel.external_sd.sdcd_pin 0.28!^
panel.menu_offset 0
panel.aplha_jog_feedrate 1500
panel.beta_jog_feedrate 1500
panel.gamma_jog_feedrate 1500
panel.hotend_temperature 225
panel.bed_temperature 60

currentcontrol_module_enable true
return_error_on_unhandled_gcode false

network.enable false
network.webserver.enable true
network.telnet.enable true
network.ip_address auto

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First of everything you should check wich program open your config.file, example:Notepad++ is the worse!!! DO NOT USE IT!!!
Try Notepad, and always unmount the SD-card after…

Thanks for the advise, I don’t use Notepad++ and yes I un-mount the card after use.

Have you tried a different SD card?


So far I have tried a new SD card with the config files written from scratch, I have not done a test print to see if it freezes because those config files are turning on mosfets for no reason, I should try the old config file that was on the old SD card to see if it freezes or not with the new SD card.

It should be some config option. Have you solved it?

No not yet, have not had a chance lately to play around with it.

Turns out the SD Card was giving me trouble. Not sure if it’s because it had lots of files on it or just that the SD Card itself couldn’t keep up (This was the SD Card that came with my Smoothieboard). I went out and bought a Sandisk Ultra Class 10 SD Card. Copied my original config file right over and it works!

If anybody is interested, I can post my config file for reference.

Happy Printing!