Help to change Newlydraw

Hello, I have a CNC engraving and cutting machine “Liaocheng Xinxing Electronic Co., Ltd. model:ST3060” which uses a controller “V8.1/ V23/ V9 control board Jinan HaoYue Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd”(V8.1/ V23/ V9 control board-HaoYueTech).
The machine has drivers that work on windows XP, but on the net I found a version for Windows 7 (in device manager USB I see: PHILIPS LPC214X USB)
The system is driven by Newlydraw.
I am a hobbyist, I guess other people are in my condition, with limited and obsolete sw.
To solve the “Newlydraw” problem, I haven’t found any alternative to Newlydraw that doesn’t involve changing boards.
To be honest, I am not sure if I can independently complete the board replacement.
Meerk40t seems to have the requirements to solve my problem (but I imagine that of many other users as well) and also would save me a lot of work and money.
I have tried to run your sw on both windows 10 and vertual machine with Windows 7 but I can not connect to my CNC can you help me?

thank you very much for your help

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