Help! So I upgraded to the C3D Mini board and am trying to install

Help! So I upgraded to the C3D Mini board and am trying to install laser web and I get… I am on the github wiki and following the instructions to a T. I am running Windows 7 X64 if someone could give me a hand getting this going, that would be amazing.


+Peter van der Walt Installing python for windows as I write this, Previously installed the latest Microsoft SDK, and I did have a Visual Studio on here for some other reason so that is all up to date. After the python is installed will attempt it again.

Edit also doing the install from your link.

+Peter van der Walt At Any rate I could get mad enough and wipe this install haha… if so… recommended a version of windows to use?

We shall see soon though

+Peter van der Walt Welp… Same errors. I will likely go ahead and upgrade my windows… Eeek, took me so long to leave XP and even longer to think about ditching windows 7 lol… I don’t like change too much. Oh well been meaning to swap in a few SSD’s anyway. Thank you kindly for the response and I will likely take a new swing and mighty leap tomorrow.

I agree. And I should get with the times haha. Just hate to get things just right, to redo it later. :smiley: But already in the process of backing up all my stuff, so will be redoing my OS soon.

+Peter van der Walt well I hope a good workable solution presents its self that is semi easy to implement. :slight_smile: Sorry for the slow reply, was sleeping. Purchased some 10 keys and down loaded the iso last night so should be a fun day. Now I am curious if I should wait or not. Haha…

Alright, thanks. Getting a bootable drive going and finishing my backup and away it goes.

Yikes! Novell! Now that’s a name I haven’t even thought about since I received my CNA for IntraNetWare 4.1.

I had this problem too. type “npm install serial”

I am now running a clean version of windows 10, have python 2.7 installed and directed to the proper folder. I tried using npm install serial and the output was “C:\LaserWeb3>npm install serial
laserweb@3.254.0 C:\LaserWeb3
`-- serial@0.0.9” my cirrent errors are in the picture with this post

npm version is 3.10.8 and node is 6.9.1 using the -v commands

Is there a better command to pull it from other than “git clone” as I did that just a little while ago on a clean install of windows 10 +Peter van der Walt. Sorry to be a bother, just keep hitting road blocks. :frowning:

“Already up to date”

oh hey think we are onto something. :smiley: "C:\LaserWeb3>npm install serialport@latest

serialport@4.0.6 install C:\LaserWeb3\node_modules\serialport
node-pre-gyp install --fallback-to-build

[serialport] Success: “C:\LaserWeb3\node_modules\serialport\build\Release\serialport.node” is installed via remote
laserweb@3.254.0 C:\LaserWeb3
`-- serialport@4.0.6

C:\LaserWeb3>" Will try again now

Yay it actually did something!