Help please k40

Hi all new here so please go easy on me! I bought a chinese laser from ebay (i know) i set it all up as following instructions went well did some test runs all fine. Then pop loud noise now i have a hissing/air sound and no laser any ideas literally 1 day old thankyou i have video of sound but cannot upload atm

First, see K40 Intro at the top of every page.

Can you describe how you had cooling set up for your laser?

The best way to attach a video is to upload it to youtube and then paste the link here on a separate line.

Hi mate thankyou
Yes had distilled water in bucket with water pump to inlet and pipe back into bucket for output

A shorted transformer in the LPS will hiss.
Can you tell where it is coming from?
Is it from the LPS?
Do you have a laser current meter? If so what does the current do when the hissing sound is present.

Thanks mate.
Its coming from laser tube a loud hiss and a purple flash in the corner of laser tube mate. No mate no tools to check as no electrical experience tbh im a chippy lol appreciate your time

Can you post a video?

Also please post a picture of your control panel.

Hi mate heres pic. Cannot upload for some reason pal thankyou

Without a picture of where the sound is coming from its hard to help.

What kind of coolant are you using?

Some guesses,

  • If its arching around the tube then it may be a bad tube. Look for cracks water leaks etc. in the tube
  • If its arching inside the cabinet under the control panel in or around the blue power supply then you may have a bad laser power supply.

If this is a brand new machine I would contact the seller and tell them you have a bad tube or LPS.

Just found a crack in tube waiting to hear from supplier as brand new

Ok then … let us know how the vendor treats you!