Help needed. I want to use 3 motors with only one channel.

Help needed.

I want to use 3 motors with only one channel. (1 on/off channel).
I would like to have an own battery for each motor. I don´t have to change RPM - on/off is enough but is it easiest to use an ESC between the batteries and motors?

Can I just split the wires from the wire from the receiver for 3 ESCs?
Or should I use just 1 ESC and split the power wires from one ESC to each 3 motors? Can one ESC take the load of 3 motors?

One option is to use a servo that just uses a separate switch for a separate battery/motor circuit.

I need this for my lawnmower project. I will use 3 motors for 40 cm wide cutting width.

I’m not an electrical whiz or anything, but couldn’t you just have some sort of relay that taps into the channel and engages to turn on the motors?

I don’t see how this is related to OpenRC, but I’ll try to help out anyways.
If you’re using brushed motors, you can use a single ESC if its amperage rating is high enough - look up the ratings for the ESC and each motor and see if it can handle the load.
With brushless motors, you’ll need to use a separate ESC for each motor, for which you can just distribute the receiver’s signal to all three. Make sure you only connect one of the receiver’s red wires, but all of the black and yellow ones.

Thank you for the answers. Now I can move forward with the RC lawnmower project. I will share the results when it is ready.
About the issue how this is related to OpenRC:

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