Help my board is broke how can i get the lights to work again

Help my board is broke how can i get the lights to work again so i can play tetris

A flexible Tetris game? I want one. In what context is it broken? Like physically? Or is it not working right?

It’s like a welfare recipient… Giving us the middle finger while asking for our help… ;p

@Charity_Stolarz The bottom lights are not Working seeing if i could soder them ?

@Mat_Helm No middle finger just playing tetris …lol

@Mat_Helm huh? What are you even talking about? What welfare recipients are asking you for help?

@hector_jimenez oh I see only half is working. Can you show the actual wiring? There’s probably a broken connection there and yes that would potentially work. What’s happening with the tin foil on the side? Where did you get this thing?

@Charity_Stolarz It’s called a joke, hence the ;p But to answer your question, All of them…

@Mat_Helm Oh a joke! See I always thought they were supposed to be funny or at least semi-relevant. Stupid me! Maybe you could explain what your “joke” offered to Hector’s dilemma or this community? I’m sure there are more appropriate venues for the random insertion of your personal political views. Best of luck with whatever your dealing with my friend.

@Charity_Stolarz Note the lol from my target audience… Is that a vein on your forehead there? Perhaps if you stopped trying to see daemons in everything, you could actually enjoy life a little before that thing pops…

I can see/enjoy the humor in the joke, and I can understand/empathize some people not liking it… but can we all agree blinky lights are cool and see if we can help Hector with his, albeit not FastLED, challenge?

Definitely sounds like a bad connection somewhere… might just need time and patience to find it and fix it.

@allanGEE I assume Hector either managed to figure it out or decided it wasn’t worth it. I’m certainly leaning to the latter position myself if “jokes” at other people’s expense and personal attacks are going to be legitimized here.

@Charity_Stolarz What “other people’s” expense? And what “personal attacks” are you talking about? Am starting to regret not becoming a Petrologist here. There’s a fortune to be made in the age of the snowflake it seems…

@Charity_Stolarz sorry for the late reply well i talked to the guy i brought this from marc he said it ether damage from it being bent to much or theres a bad connection

@allanGEE yes marc said there is a bad wire or if its bent i have to buy a new one for 150

@hector_jimenez The bad connection is probably between the last LED that works, and the first one that does not. It’s hard for us to tell how it’s put together from the one photo. More than likely, you’ll have to open it up. Hopefully there are screws on the back. If you decide to take it apart to try and find the problem, take lots of pictures at each step so you can remember how to put it back together again.

@Mat_Helm Welfare recipients are people. You are just being mean for no reason whatsoever. It’s really out of place for this group. But I’m not wasting another glance on this. @hector_jimenez I’m sure you’ll figure it out but feel free to message me directly if you need more help.

@Charity_Stolarz Really? What part the world do the “Welfare” peoples hail from? And I wasn’t being mean, the truth just hurts those who live in unicorn world. It’s like sunshine and vampires. All the rest of us who pay for can do is laugh at the obvious hypocrisy. And you’ve wasted more of other people’s glances than your own. Which is kind your MO I’m thinking…